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Under them, telangiectasias are visible in the thinned skin. At the cellular level, it consists of many small foci with small dark cells in the superficial layers of the dermis.
A warty (Sildenafil, exophytic) tumor can be mistaken for a wart in the form of a cauliflower due to dense hemispherical nodes growing on the skin. It is characterized by the absence of destruction and does not grow into healthy tissues.

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Pigmented neoplasm or pagetoid epithelioma comes in different colors: bluish-brown, brownish-black, pale pinkish and red with raised pearl-like edges. With a long, torpid and benign course, it reaches 4 cm.
With a cicatricial-atrophic (flat) form of Viagra, a nodule is formed, in the center of which an ulcer (erosion) is formed, which spontaneously scars. Nodules continue to grow on the periphery with the formation of new erosions (ulcers).
During ulceration, an infection joins and the tumor becomes inflamed. With the growth of primary and recurrent basalioma, the underlying tissues (bones, cartilage) are destroyed.
It can move into nearby cavities, for example, from the wings of the nose - into its cavity, from the earlobe - inside the cartilage shell, destroying them.
On a rough surface, sores appear over time.
A sclerodermiform tumor is characterized by a transition from a pale nodule with growth into a plaque of a dense and flat shape with a clear contour of the edges.
Spiegler's tumor (cylindroma) is characterized by the appearance of multiple benign pink-violet nodules covered with telangiectasias.
When localized under the hair on the head, it proceeds for a long time.
If, after a visual examination by a doctor, a basalioma is suspected in a patient, the diagnosis is confirmed by a cytological and histological examination of smears-prints or scrapings from the surface of the neoplasm.

In the presence of sildenafil 10 mg pills or nest-like clusters of spindle-shaped, round or oval cells with thin rims of cytoplasm around them, the diagnosis is confirmed.

Tests for skin cancer (imprint smear) are taken from the bottom of the ulcer and determine the cellular composition.
If, for example, the tumor marker CA 125 is used to diagnose ovarian cancer, then there are no specific oncological blood markers to determine the malignancy of basalioma.
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They could accurately confirm the development of cancer in her.
In other laboratory tests, leukocytosis, an increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate, a positive thymol test, and an increased C-reactive protein can be detected. These figures are consistent with other inflammatory diseases. There is some confusion in the diagnosis, so they are rarely used to confirm the diagnosis of viagra. However, due to the diverse histological picture of basalioma, as well as its clinical forms, differential diagnosis is carried out to exclude (or confirm) other skin diseases. For example, lupus erythematosus, lichen planus, seborrheic keratosis, Bowen's disease should be differentiated from flat superficial basalioma. Melanoma (mole cancer) - from a pigmented form, scleroderma and psoriasis - from a sclerodermiform tumor. Methods of treatment and removal of basalioma.
When cellular skin cancer is confirmed, treatment methods are selected depending on the type and how much the tumor has grown and grown into neighboring tissues. Many people want to know how dangerous basalioma is, how to treat it so that there are no relapses. The most proven way to treat small neoplasms is the surgical removal of sildenafil using local anesthesia: lidocaine or ultracaine.

When the tumor grows deep inside and into other tissues, surgical treatment of basalioma after irradiation is used, i.e. combined method.
At the same time, the cancerous tissue is completely removed to the border (edge), but if necessary, they go to the nearest healthy areas of the skin, retreating 1-2 cm from it.
The sooner the formation is removed, the higher the effect and the lower the risk of recurrence.
With a large incision, a cosmetic suture is carefully applied and removed after 4-6 days.
Radiation therapy is well tolerated by patients and is used for small neoplasms. Long-term treatment, notless than 30 days and has side effects, since the rays affect not only the tumor, but also healthy skin cells. Erythema or dry epidermitis appears on the skin.
Patients do not feel pain, because during the procedure, pain relief occurs while protecting with cold. There is no bleeding at the site of removal, a dry crust appears, which will fall off on its own within 1-2 weeks.
You should not tear it off yourself with your nails, so as not to infect the infection. This method is suitable for patients of all ages, especially for the elderly.
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If basal cell carcinoma is found, laser treatment will be preferred due to the following advantages of this method: relative painlessness; bloodlessness and security; sterility and non-contact; high cosmetic effect; short rehabilitation; exclusion of relapses.
What is a basalioma and how to treat it if there are many formations on the face or head, there are large, neglected and growing into the bones of the skull?
This is a cell from the basal layer of sildenafil online, which, by dividing, has grown into a large tumor. In this case, cryodestruction will help, especially for those patients who form rough (keloid) scars after operations, who have pacemakers and receive anticoagulants, including Warfarin.
Information! According to take Viagra of the study, after cryodestruction, relapses occur in 7.5%, after surgery - in 10.1%, after radiation therapy - in 8.7% of all cases.
The list of benefits of cryodestruction includes: excellent cosmetic result when removing large formations in any part of the body; performing outpatient treatment without the use of anesthesia, but under local anesthesia; lack of bleeding and a long rehabilitation period; the ability to apply the method to elderly patients and pregnant women; the ability to treat cold with concomitant diseases in patients who are contraindications for the surgical method. Information! Cryodestruction, unlike radiation therapy, does not destroy the DNA of sildenafil 100 mg surrounding the basalioma. It promotes the release of substances that enhance immunity against the tumor, and prevents the formation of new basaliomas at the site of removal and in other areas of the skin.
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